Being Different Makes Me Interesting

I celebrate my uniqueness. I feel good about having traits that stand out in a crowd. Being different from the norm makes me an interesting person.
I sometimes feel like the odd one out when I am around my coworkers. I know it is normal to want to fit in. But I avoid compromising my values just to be considered a part of the group.

I make presentations my own by putting my personality into what I do. I bank on my people skills to break the ice. It helps me grab the interest of my audience.

When I am myself, I am at ease. I rarely feel nervous or uncomfortable when I embrace my true self. I am able to focus on the mission at hand when I avoid trying to be what others expect.

I realize that my fun-loving side helps others warm up to me.

With fashion, I avoid wearing what is trendy. I instead choose to wear what suits my body and personality. I am most comfortable in clothes that are made for me.

I believe that many of life’s opportunities come about because I remain true to myself. It is easy for me to maintain integrity when I stick to being me and embrace my differences.

Today, I believe that my true self is my best self. I commit to being honest about who I am and what I have accomplished. My mission is to show that integrity results in many successes.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. When have I wished I had the same possessions as my peers?
  2. Why does being different sometimes result in lost opportunities?
  3. What are some ways in which I am true to myself?