Expressing My True Feelings Comes Easily For Me

Revealing my genuine feelings to others seems to be the best way to go in life. After all, others can only know how I feel when I express my emotions in ways they can hear and comprehend.
Also, it is important to me to share the truth about what I am going through because I want others to understand me. I find that nobody knows “the real me” unless I openly express how I feel to others.

When I experience positive emotions, it is easy to share them with others. Feelings like joy, contentment, excitement, pleasure, and optimism are emotions that I think others are interested in hearing about. And it makes me happy to share these feelings each day.

Although it can be difficult for others to listen to me speak about less positive feelings, like disappointment, sorrow, and sadness, I recognize it is necessary for me to inform them of my current state of mind. So, I use care and appropriate tone of voice to convey feelings of this nature.

Ultimately, others can feel better about our relationship when I show honesty and diplomacy in expressing my less positive emotions.

Today, I vow to keep others apprised of my feelings. Expressing my feelings ensures I remain connected to people in genuinely helpful ways. I value my ability to communicate my emotions to others. I strive to be a reliable, caring friend as well as an open, honest co-worker. Communicating my feelings openly is very important to me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I honestly express my feelings?
  2. How do I share my true emotions with others? Is it easy or difficult for me to do so?
  3. What steps can I take to ensure I freely express my feelings to others?