I Accept Myself Wholly And Completely

When I wake up each morning, I give thanks for my achievements and the person I have become. My reflection reminds me to be grateful for the unique characteristics that make me who I am.
I admit that accepting myself wholly and completely is an ongoing project.

At times, I may feel unhappy with traits that I strive to improve on. But that feeling doesn’t remain with me long because I remind myself that there is so much more I can celebrate about me and my life.

When I am dissatisfied with my body weight, for example, I avoid dwelling on that feeling. Instead, I ask myself what I plan to do about it.

I realize that I can get the results I want by putting in the work it takes to get them.

I am also learning to be happy with what I already have. My life and environment are really extensions of me – resulting from doing the best I can with the gifts and challenges of my life’s journey.

Another person would be ecstatic to have even a portion of what I have!

Today, I look in the mirror and see a divine creation. I commit to loving the person who looks back at me because I am truly blessed.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What do I see when I look in the mirror?
  2. Am I content with who I am and what I have achieved?
  3. How can I more fully accept myself?