I Am A Life Long Learner

Each moment is an opportunity for learning. This never ceases. From the moment of my birth to the moment of my death, I have chances to grow, choose, and shape myself anew.
In more specific terms, I choose to stay mentally and physically active. This way, I am always growing. Because I love to learn, I welcome activity into my life. Whether I am solving the newspaper crossword or walking home by a different route, I am perpetually encouraging my brain and body to stay alert and alive.

If I feel like life is asking too much of me, I try to reframe the challenge I am facing.

If I see something as an obstacle or a worry, I consciously choose a different path for my thoughts. Instead of perceiving a situation negatively, I remember that even the most trying circumstances bring with them chances for me to learn.

There are always new challenges and tasks in different parts of my life, and I approach each of them as an opportunity. As I do this, I am filled with the joy of being who I am. I have a unique answer to every question that is put to me. Finding those answers is a process of learning. And I love to learn.

Today, I am pleased with every chance I get to acquire new knowledge. I know that challenges and joys both bring opportunities for learning. And I commit to learning something new each day.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What do I most enjoy learning about?
  2. What challenges in my life right now could I reframe as opportunities to grow?
  3. What can I do today to make progress toward acquiring new knowledge or skills?