I Am Confident Enough To Avoid Self Doubt

I am confident enough in my own skin to avoid self-doubt. When I look in the mirror, I see someone whose opportunities and potential are endless. My confidence keeps me focused on meaningful goals.
Self-doubt is a detractor that tries to prevent me from going after my dreams. I avoid allowing it to stomp on my proven abilities and talents.

I use the success stories of others to motivate me.

My inability to reach a specific goal rarely equates to failure. Instead, I use the experience as a lesson in being better prepared. Those experiences help me develop even more self-confidence.

When I am confident, I inspire others to believe in me.

I know that I sometimes have less experience than required for a job. Although it is easy to allow that to turn into self-doubt, I avoid that at all costs. I know that I have the skills required for the job. I use my talents to boost my confidence and make me a true contender.

My confidence carries more weight than any of my shortcomings. Others are willing to give me a chance because I repel self-doubt.

Today, I know that my success comes from believing in myself. Confidence drives me to overcome my fears. I know that I am worthy of all the good things present in my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. When is it helpful to remind myself of my natural abilities?
  2. How do I help my kids believe in themselves and show confidence?
  3. Why does my confidence sometimes cause me to have unrealistic expectations for myself?