I Am Free Of The Challenges Of My Past

I choose to leave the past in the past. I am focused on my present and future. I can remember happy times from my past. But I choose to leave my past challenges behind me where they belong.
I learn from the challenges of the past and then I release them. The past can only exist in my mind. I have better uses for my mind than remembering negative events from the past.

The present is my primary focus. I use the present to create my future. I am committed to enjoying every moment as it is happening.

Life can only be lived in the present.

The past is only a mirage of who I used to be. I am constantly growing and evolving. I renew myself each day.

The past is only a snapshot of a time gone by. I learn from the past and then immediately move on. I am grateful for my past challenges since I learn so much from them. After gaining that knowledge, I release my awareness of those challenges.

Each day, I remember to focus on the things that are in my life right now. My present is free of any negative influences of my past.

Today, I am focused on creating an exciting future. I concern myself with new challenges, rather than the old. When I am free of my past, I get more enjoyment out of my present moments.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What can I learn from my past challenges?
  2. What items from my past would be best to release from my attention?
  3. What would I gain by focusing on the present and future?