I am secure in my sense of self.

Over time, life experiences mold me into the person I am. I communicate effectively with people I have known for years, as well as those I am meeting for the first time. I see new things as well as familiar sights. Novel situations happen.
Some of the individuals, sights, and situations I encounter allow me to grow personally. I discover new and exciting aspects of myself.

Although all these things occur during my day, I keep a solid grip on the person I am.

I stay familiar with and connected to the values that are important to me. The choices I make each day illustrate my personality. My character traits are enduring, interesting, and positive. I know who I am and am quite comfortable in my sense of self.

One of the most important aspects of my character is how I strive to be the best person I can be at all times.

Although I am secure in my identity, I accept and understand the value of incorporating additional positive traits into my life. My efforts for self-improvement are endless.

Ultimately, any new aspects of my character become a part of my unshakeable sense of self. In essence, my readiness to evolve into the best person I can be ensures I am satisfied with myself.

Today, I see the person I truly am and recognize my importance. I know who I am and I am comfortable with being me. I am secure in my sense of self.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I accept myself for who I am? If not, what factors are keeping me from self-acceptance?
  2. When there is something I want to alter about myself, how do I handle the change?
  3. What could I do to feel more grounded in who I am as a person?