I Appreciate Myself

When I count my friends, I put myself on the top of the list.
Valuing myself gives me motivation. I want to set ambitious goals and strive to reach them. I believe that I am worth the time and effort. I deserve the success that I work for.

Appreciating myself helps me through difficult times. I treat myself with compassion and respect. I address my weaknesses without beating myself up. When I experience a mishap, I rise back up and figure out a more effective approach.

Self-esteem protects me from harm. I make choices that promote my wellbeing.

I take care of my physical health. I give my body adequate sleep, nutritious food, and regular exercise. I follow my doctor’s recommendations and manage daily stress.

I develop supportive relationships. I remind myself that I am worthy of love just the way I am. I let others know me, and ask for help when I need it. I give generously of my time and knowledge. I spend time with friends and family.

I engage in encouraging self-talk. Reviewing my accomplishments builds my confidence. I prove to myself that I am capable of handling the challenges that come my way. I focus on the rewards of persevering.

I nurture my spiritual side. I make time for meditation and prayer. I worship with others who help me to understand what my faith teaches me about the value and meaning of life.

Today, I feel good about myself. I make decisions that validate and empower me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How does appreciating myself increase my respect for others?
  2. Why are material possessions and popularity unstable sources of self-esteem?
  3. How do I describe a healthy sense of self-worth?