I Avoid Putting Pressure On Myself To Fit In

There is a place for me in this world. My peace of mind and contentment are achievable in the space that is mine. I stay away from searching for happiness in the reality of others around me.
I avoid putting pressure on myself to fit in with others. Although someone else’s life may be appealing, I stay away from seeing it as the only way to happiness.

Friends sometimes discuss experiences that I get a sense of longing for. But I avoid using their reality to force myself into situations. I know that wonderful experiences present themselves to me when the time is right.

My relationships with my friends are based on being true to myself. I feel at ease with a relationship when it allows me to be myself.

My work environment is filled with successful professionals. While I marvel at their accomplishments, I stay far from misrepresenting mine for their approval. I excitedly look forward to feeling the joy of having my own victory at work in due time.

Today, my reality in this moment is one that is meant for me. I embrace where I am today because it is part of a bigger picture. I am committed to being true about who I am to others and living an authentic life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I portray myself to others?
  2. How do I maintain self-confidence after comparing my reality to someone else’s?
  3. How do I handle situations in which someone tries to make me feel small?