I Can Stand Up For My Beliefs In The Face Of Opposition

Even if I face opposition, I stand firm in my convictions and self-awareness. I know why I have the beliefs I do and why adhering to them is important to me. I am aware that a challenge only helps to prove whether or not my values are really true for me.
If others ever claim to know what is right for me, I remain strong enough to stay true to myself. I am assured that conviction leads to respect: respect of self, as well as respect from others. And as I increase my self-confidence, I am better able to trust others to act in accordance with their highest good.

My values are well thought out and are true to my highest vision of myself. They come from a place where I am deeply aware of what makes me happy. My beliefs are tied in to my conscience so they allow me to feel at peace at the end of each day.

I know that even in the most challenging circumstances, things can only get better if I stick to my convictions. Not standing for something means falling for anything, so I choose to stay firmly on my feet.

Today, I commit to owning and embracing my values, even in the face of opposition. I treat my intuition about right and wrong as I do anything that is dear to my heart. I stand strong and defend my beliefs because I know they come from an honest place.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. In what ways could entertaining opposition of my values serve as food for thought?
  2. How much influence do my experiences have on my beliefs?
  3. Do the convictions I learned from my family play a part in what I believe? Do those values serve me?