I Choose Thoughts That Nourish And Support Me

I understand that my thoughts control my actions, and my actions ultimately determine my life. Therefore, I choose to have thoughts that are beneficial to me.
My thoughts are one of the few things that I alone control. I understand the harmful impact of negative thoughts and acknowledge my responsibility in this respect. I am in control, so I banish negative thoughts as soon as they make themselves heard.

I start my day by focusing on positive thoughts before I even get out of bed.

By flooding my mind with supportive and nourishing thoughts, I help to guarantee a great and productive day.

On the drive to work, I remind myself of the benefits of my job. At work, it is sometimes challenging to keep my thoughts positive, but I am able to focus and stay optimistic. I am lucky to have my job, so this is quite easy most of the time.

On the way home, I think how wonderful it is to have such a great family and friends. They are a gift. I find it easy to feel thankful for this gift and use this gratitude to foster continuing positive thoughts at home.

Today, I acknowledge that my life is a reflection of my thoughts, so I choose thoughts that nourish and support me. Since the ultimate outcome of my day is really up to me, I opt to make it an awesome day!

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are 5 recurring negative thoughts that I can eliminate from my life?
  2. What 5 new thoughts would support my desired lifestyle?
  3. How can I remind myself to substitute positive thoughts for negative ones on a daily basis?