I embrace my identity.

I accept that the person I am is the person I am meant to be. My circumstances, physical appearance and personality are all part of the divine plan of my Creator. I love the person I am.
When I am faced with negative circumstances, I steadfastly avoid feeling discouraged. Instead, I use the positive virtues I am blessed with to deal with the situation and come out victorious.

I realize that there may sometimes be others around me who dislike me, for whatever reason. Even so, I am satisfied with knowing that I am the best me I can be.

My body and facial features may be different than what society deems flawless, but I am exactly how I should be, so I embrace my physical appearance as well.

I live according to my own decisions, based on my own circumstances, rather than what others expect of me. I recognize that it is impossible to always live up to the expectations of others and be at peace at the same time.

Today, I commit to loving myself just the way I am. Even when others want me to fit into a certain mold, I remain unmoved. I feel certain that I am the way I should be.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I sometimes prefer what I see in others to what I see in myself?
  2. What strategies do I use to allow me to be true to myself?
  3. Do I accept my children the way they are?