I Follow My Instincts

In order to live an enjoyable and rewarding life, I pay attention to my feelings and respond to them accordingly. In every situation, I notice my emotions and what they tell me I should do. Then, I follow those messages through my actions.
I am glad that I listen to my own heartfelt emotions.

An important element of feeling proud of myself is recognizing my own “smarts.” Listening to my gut and following through with what I believe is the right thing to do shows intelligence.

After all, my experiences throughout life are found deep within me. Those experiences are incorporated into who I am as a human being. So, I listen to my thoughts and feelings because they spring from my collective knowledge and experience.

Sometimes, I find it necessary to disagree with others. I can express my own opinion and intentions to others without distress. I know that all I need do is look within myself to find the best way for me.

It feels good to be so sure of my own thoughts and feelings. My instincts are there for me, regardless of the situation.

Today, I know I can stay in touch with my instincts and follow their advice in my everyday life. My instincts consistently keep me safe and strong and motivate me to make the best decisions. I trust my gut to get me through any challenge.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I pay attention to my own thoughts and feelings?
  2. Am I able to trust my instincts? If not, why not?
  3. How can I start affording more trust to these inner feelings?