I Handle Criticism With Ease

While many are sensitive to criticism, I choose to view it as free advice. I review any criticism I receive to determine if it is valid. If the comment is true, I make beneficial corrections. Otherwise, I ignore it.
I frequently find that criticism helps me, if I am willing to fully consider it, so when I get useful feedback, I am grateful.

When I get inaccurate feedback, I am calm and at peace. Why would I allow myself to get upset about something untrue?

My capacity to accept criticism graciously improves each day. I view constructive criticism as a sincere attempt to support me. I am thankful when someone takes the time to share their opinion.

Criticism provides me with an opportunity to control my thoughts and ego. I keep my thoughts positive and focus on getting the maximum amount of value from it.

When I provide constructive criticism to others, my intention is always to be helpful and provide worthwhile advice. My words are gentle and considerate of their feelings.

Today, I accept criticism with a smile. I use it to the best of my ability to make positive changes to my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Have I ever ignored criticism that I should have listened to?
  2. Do I criticize others in an appropriate manner?
  3. How can I learn to be less sensitive to criticism?