I Live An Authentic Life

I live my life according to my own principles. The outside world has very little impact on my choices. I am proud to be true to myself and have a strong sense of purpose.
My beliefs drive each decision I make in my personal and professional life. I avoid using the appeal of success to sway my mindset.

I enjoy gaining recognition at work for a job well done. But I am happier to gain that reward because I work in a principled manner. My mission is always to do well while staying true to myself.

Friends know that I am the real deal. The person I am with my friends is the person I am at all times. They appreciate that I am honest.

My views on their actions are directly tied to my values. Even though I am gentle when giving advice, I avoid compromising my views to make others feel better. I prefer to be honest than to say what someone wants to hear. It is authentic to be truthful.

Today, my peace of mind comes from living an authentic life. I commit to remaining true to myself and being honest with others. Each day is a chance to renew that commitment.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I respond to others who want me to create a false impression?
  2. How quickly do I recognize when a situation is testing my authenticity?
  3. What activities can help me to maintain focus on living according to the real me?