I Recognise My Talents

I sometimes find myself feeling unsure if I try to live up to the expectations of others. But then, I remind myself that I am unique. There is no one else exactly like me who shares the same talents.
I refrain from comparing myself to others. I possess my own special list of character traits, skills, and talents.

My repertoire of skills spans from my home life, to my work life, to activities I do in my spare time. I recognize my abilities and use them each day.

At home, I treat my partner in ways that show how much I care. I am confident that I can bring out the best in my kids. Performing tasks around the house helps me identify other talents I possess.

At work, I am confident that I can fulfill whatever duties need to be completed. Many of the jobs I perform show my talents to others. I am proud of my efforts.

Today, I am making a list of my skills. I possess talents in all areas of my life, including my family relationships, work behaviors, and social life. My confidence is high because I recognize the things I am good at.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I be fully aware of my talents?
  2. What are my top five talents?
  3. How do I feel when others notice or comment on my talents?