I Seek Knowledge In Everyday Discoveries

My days are often fascinating, surprising, and enlightening. I look for interesting tidbits in whatever takes place in my presence. The array of new knowledge I might discover today can affect me in ways I have yet to know.
Watching for new discoveries requires a special kind of attention. I observe average, everyday occurrences because I know I can learn from them.

I believe staying emotionally connected and involved provides me with increased opportunities to make new discoveries.

I arise in the morning with anticipation. Questions run through my mind about the knowledge the day might bring.

I feel excited as I embark on a hunt for new information. The incredible feelings I experience at the moment when I make a new discovery assure me I am living a fulfilling life.

A wealth of knowledge awaits me, whether I am at home or work. I embrace the opportunities for new learning.

At home with those I love, I cherish the moments I spend with my partner and children. Every day, my kids show me they have the capacity to teach me something new.

At work, I learn so much by doing projects with my co-workers. My supervisor demonstrates superior knowledge in areas where I seek expertise.

Today, I vow to keep my eyes wide open and discover something new even from the mundane.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I actively stay involved enough with others to discover new knowledge each day?
  2. What did I learn yesterday?
  3. How can I increase my observation skills so I can learn something new today?