I Stand Tall In The Face Of Criticism

The life I live today makes me happy and proud.
People in my social circle are sometimes unkind to me when I dress, act, or speak differently. That gives me even more inspiration to be myself. I stay away from conforming to societal expectations just to fit in.

Being unique is a special thing. When I am able to stand out, I am remembered. I use those stand out moments to do something memorable with my life.

When I am wrongly criticized for the job that I do at the office, I listen intently. Reacting negatively and with offense does little to support my case. Listening allows me to digest the criticisms and gives me time to form my response.

When I recognize negative energy coming my way unnecessarily, I take it with a smile. The high road gives me the courage to take the blows without crumbling or falling down. My best defense is to respond with dignity and respect.

Today, I love the person who I am today. That inner confidence is enough to shield my soul from the harshness of unnecessary criticism. My focus is on living a life that is pleasing to me, beginning with loving myself from within.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are some of the things that I do to build my courage and confidence?
  2. How do I turn harsh criticism into a positive learning experience?
  3. How do I develop the skills of giving constructive feedback to my kids?