I Stay True To My Convictions

My belief system guides me through life. Being true to my convictions allows me to identify positive paths to take.
The lessons taught by my parents remain with me today. They are based on values and principles and go far in opening up opportunities for me. I am committed to certain truths that prove themselves worthy as I go about my daily exploits.

My choices at work allow me to have a clear conscience. Each night before bed I express gratitude for being able to stay true to my beliefs.

When opportunities for advancement come around, I consider what is required of me. I stay away from choices that go against what my heart and mind know as true and honest. Anything worth earning is worth earning honestly.

My interactions with strangers are noble because everyone deserves to be treated respectfully. I avoid looking at myself as more deserving than others.

My decisions are based on what I believe to be just. I avoid allowing external influences to cloud my judgment. Promises of wonderful things from others have little power to sway my personal convictions.

Today, I realize how much value there is in staying true to myself. I feel like a powerful and courageous person when I stick to what I believe in my heart. Being sincere about who I am makes me a strong so I can bravely face any circumstance or challenge.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I respond to those who try to discourage me from being honest?
  2. What are some of the influences that strengthen my resolve to live positively?
  3. How influential are my family members and friends on my path to positive living?