I Trust My Decisions

Life is filled with decision-making moments. All of those moments are worth a sincere decision because they impact my well-being. I trust the decisions I make in life when they align with my character and goals.
Many external factors exist to shift my focus. Friends and family sometimes try to impose their viewpoints on me. But I am careful to consider how decisions affect me.

When difficult choices face me, I am sure to consider my long-term happiness. That helps to make the process of choosing much easier.

I am confident of my choices in my career and job. My happiness in work comes from having a fulfilling job and I trust my ability to find that fulfillment.

I am intent on being smart in my decisions regarding my children. My role as protector makes it easy to choose wisely when it comes to them. I trust my decisions because I have their best interests at heart.

Today, I am confident in my decision-making abilities. There are wonderful past experiences that prove how sound my choices usually are. I trust myself to consider all relevant factors before coming to important decisions.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are some of the external factors that drive me to doubt my decisions?
  2. How do I make adjustments when I realize my first decision was the least suitable one?
  3. How do I make a selection when I am torn between two valid choices?