I Trust My Instincts

I follow my instincts. I rely on both my feelings and thinking to make important decisions.
My instincts reflect my knowledge and experience. I take advantage of what I have learned and the challenges I have overcome.

My instincts help me when I need to make quick decisions. When there is little time to consult experts or research a topic, I can take action based on my own insights.

To tap into my instincts, I slow down and relax.

I listen to what is going on inside of me. I pay attention to nonverbal signs. My physical responses and sense information provide me with essential clues. I give in to my curiosity and gather information with an open mind.

Sometimes I sleep on a difficult dilemma. I often wake up with answers that amaze me.

There are some areas where my intuition is especially strong. I count on my hunches when I am confident in my expertise.

Instinct guides me in addressing my deepest needs. I give my body the food and exercise it requires. I follow the spiritual practices that pacify my mind. I welcome people into my life who share their love and friendship with me.

My instincts and conscience work together. I choose actions that bring me peace of mind.

Today, I connect with my intuitive side. I draw on my feelings as well as facts and analysis. My instincts guide me along the path to fulfillment.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How does it feel to listen to my inner voice?
  2. How do I balance instincts and reasoning?
  3. What is one example of how following a hunch paid off for me?