Welcome to the course! This course takes you on an introspective journey that guides you through the steps to becoming authentic.
On the way, you’ll learn many things about yourself and how you can find the courage to proudly show the world the real you. Your journey ends in an exciting vision of a future that you design yourself, based on your own goals, dreams, and passions.

Your journey to authenticity includes:

  1. Getting to know yourself
  2. Giving yourself a self-concept makeover
  3. Accepting yourself
  4. Learning to love who you are
  5. Determining your life purpose
  6. Discovering how to live authentically

How to Get the Most Out of This Course

This course is sequential. It’s important that you start at the beginning and do the lessons in order, without skipping any.

Take the time to practice the action tips that you find in each lesson. Some of these tips are things to reflect on and some of them are ideas to try out. Please keep an open mind and try them all. Then, you can determine which tips work the best for you and continue working with those.

Please note that there’s an Additional Resources section for each lesson. This section has additional materials that help you in whatever task you are working on in that lesson. Every lesson has something extra for you! You could find articles, affirmations, action guides, or a workbook. Some of the lessons have several resources for you.

Remember to check this section in each lesson and take the time to use these materials. They’ll make the lessons more effective for you!

How to Use the Affirmations

You’ll find quite a few affirmations/reflections in the Additional Resources section. Affirmations have the power to change your thoughts, self-talk, and ultimately, your actions. They can strengthen your talents and help you develop traits that you wish to learn. They can enable you to overpower negative thoughts with positive ones.

You can use them just as you find them in the resources section, or you can further customize them for your own circumstances. In fact, it would work well for you to even write your own! Writing your own affirmations will make them extremely personal to you, making them most effective.

Wondering how to write an affirmation? No worries! You’ll find a helpful guide for writing your own affirmations in the Additional Resources section for this lesson. Try writing a few. You might discover a new talent!

Affirmations work the best when you repeat them to yourself several times a day. If you make up some short ones like the guide shows you, you can repeat these positive statements each time that you feel stress during the day and could use a “pick-me-up.”

Soon, you’ll notice the positive changes you desire!


Have fun with the course. Practice each lesson as much as you need to before you go on to the next step in your journey to authenticity. It’s not a race. And have a great trip!

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