It Is Liberating To Live Life On My Own Terms

Each day, I discover things that bring enrichment to me. I make up my own mind about what behaviors I engage in. I make choices about my attitudes throughout the day. Ultimately, I know the way I conduct myself physically and emotionally in this day determines how my life progresses.
I feel excitement about the power I have to determine my life. I am free to pay attention to whatever I wish to pay attention to. The options for what I do today lie within me.

My life is limitless. Only I set the goals and establish the limits for what I do each day.

If I experience feelings of being bound in, I stop for a moment and allow myself time to think through the issue. My goal at the moment is to determine what causes me to feel trapped. I then remind myself that I am the one in control of my life and find a solution to my challenge.

When I follow this plan, I regain feelings of liberation.

In a sense, my feelings of freedom are a paradox: I feel free because I live life the way I want and I live the way I want because I feel free.

Today, I know I can choose to do whatever feels important, positive, and relevant to my personal development. I am free to do whatever appeals to me each day.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What does it mean to live life on my own terms? Am I doing it?
  2. Do I usually feel a sense of freedom and free choice about what I do each day?
  3. How can I develop a strong sense of personal liberation to ensure I live life the way I want?