Meditation Can Unlock the Subconscious

In previous lessons, you considered your answers to some important questions and did some brainstorming in the search for your life purpose. This lesson will show you how you can use meditation to reveal your purpose to you.
Meditation isn’t just for the Yogis and Buddhist monks of the world. Meditation has been around for thousands of years. Meditation and mindfulness have never been more popular than they are today. It’s now a tool used by medical professionals in a variety of fields and in the business world. Prisons are even teaching meditation to inmates.

Meditation is an acquired skill that requires time and effort to master. There’s no better time to get started than today.

Use meditation to reveal your life purpose:

  1. Sit comfortably in a quiet place free of distractions. The ideal sitting position is one you can hold without repositioning. A firm, comfortable chair is the best option for most people. If you’re physically able to sit in a lotus position, that’s even better.
  2. Maintain a focus on your breath. Feel the air moving in your nose and out of your mouth. Continue doing this for at least 10 minutes.
    • Maintaining a focus on your breath is much more challenging than you think! Your mind will wander constantly. There’s no cure other than practice.
  3. Ask yourself, “Why am I here? What is my purpose in life?” Then relax and listen to the answers your higher self provides.
    • As with the writing exercise, you might get many nonsensical answers at first. Keep with it.
  4. Repeat this process each day. It might take a few days to discover the answer. Meditate on a regular schedule and continue to ask yourself the appropriate questions. Continue the process until you receive an answer that makes intuitive sense to you. It will simply feel “right”.
  5. Take advantage of guided meditation. There are many videos on YouTube of guided meditations with the goal of finding your life purpose. Of course, there are other products available, too.
    • Guided meditation can be much easier for the beginning meditator. Consider trying this process.

There are countless books, videos, and audio programs dedicated to meditation. Experiment and find the most effective method for you. Guided meditation can be an excellent process for anyone that wishes to begin meditating.

Still stumped on your life purpose? If so, the next lesson will prompt your introspection with some further questions.

Here’s what you need to do today:

Today, try meditating on your life purpose. Follow the steps as shown in the lesson.

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