Module 2 Summary and Reflection

Your self-concept has been shaped by your past. Or rather, your perception of your past. Review the uncomfortable experiences from your past and find a more positive resolution. Remember that the past is over and no indication of what the future can hold. The past is only a limitation if you allow it to be.
Building your self-esteem will give you the fuel to make alterations to your self-concept. This is an ongoing process. You already have plenty of reasons to be happy with yourself. Ensure you remind yourself of how wonderful you already are.

Be proactive about enhancing your life according to your own wishes. By creating and living the life you desire, your self-concept will change. When you have evidence that you’re living your idea of a happy life, you’ve achieved the ultimate.

You can be authentic and proud to present yourself to the world just the way you are!

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are the limiting beliefs I hold that were created through past experiences?
  2. Are these limiting beliefs valid? Where did they come from? Is it possible I interpreted the situation incorrectly?
  3. How is my current life limiting my beliefs about myself, my capabilities, and my ability to control my future and my environment?
  4. What changes do I need to make to my finances, health, and social life to support a more effective self-concept?
  5. Who do I want to become? Who do I admire?
  6. What can I do today to begin living more like the person I want to be?
  7. How would I rate my self-esteem? What are the biggest barriers to feeling better about myself and what can I do to overcome those barriers?

In the next part of your journey, you’ll discover strategies to help you overcome barriers to accepting yourself and build a positive, healthy self-image.

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