Module 4 Summary and Reflection

In your journey to authenticity, you’ve already discovered your unique traits, talents, skills, values, and passions. You’ve identified areas that you may want to alter in order to make your life more satisfying. You’ve accepted your flaws and forgiven yourself for your mistakes. Now, you’re ready to embrace your individuality and love who you are!
It’s important to let go of behaviors that find you trying to seek the approval of others or comparing yourself to them. As a unique individual, you are every bit as “good” as any of them. Realize how much in you there is to like and recognize your own value in this world!

Develop a strong belief in yourself. Learn to trust your own judgment. Begin to make choices based on your own likes, dislikes, and values. Start planning your goals and future according to what you desire – not what someone else wants for you.

Finally, discover how to love all of you – inside and out! Learn how to love your body, emotions, intellect, and spirit. See how you can take action each day to take care of yourself and show yourself and the world that you are important.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How does loving myself help me live authentically?
  2. What types of situations cause me to hide who I really am? What can I do to embrace the truly unique parts of me?
  3. How can I practice learning to trust my own judgment?

Self-Reflection Exercises:

Please download, print out, and complete the exercises in the workbook called “Loving Yourself Workbook.” You’ll find it in the Additional Resources section for this lesson. This workbook will help you learn how to love yourself, inside and out.

Now that you know, accept, and love yourself, get ready for some fulfilling strategies in the next module as you learn your life purpose.

Additional Resources