My emotional well-being is essential to maintaining my self-worth.

My spirit is alive when I treat it well and cater to its desire for renewal. It contributes to my emotional well-being. Maintaining healthy emotions allows me to feel good about myself.
When others attempt to stomp on me, I stay focused on keeping my emotions in check. Managing how I respond prevents me from making poor decisions that disappoint me.

Being happy is a lifetime journey. I seek out experiences that bring me inner joy. I love the person I am when I am happy.

Keeping myself educated reminds me that I am poised for greatness.

When I complete a course of study, I feel fulfilled and proud. I use those feelings to reassure myself that I am worthy of professional blessings. Accomplishments give me confidence to target exciting job opportunities.

My mirror is my best friend. It speaks back to me with words of affirmation. It shows me that there is someone who believes in me.

Believing in myself is enough for me to drive positivity. I am unperturbed by anyone else’s impression of me. The only opinion that matters is my own.

Today, I choose to involve myself in things that bring joy to my life. Having inner peace and fulfillment comes from believing in myself. By focusing on positive living, I am able to exude the energy that gives me endless self-confidence.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What exercises do I undertake when I feel my emotions getting out of control?
  2. How helpful is meditation when I am feeling overwhelmed?
  3. How often do I stop and express gratitude for the achievements I experience?