My Instincts Guide Me To Wise Decisions

My best decisions are made when I listen to my instincts, so I allow my instincts to guide me.
I trust myself and my gut feelings. I have a little voice in my head that allows me to make smart decisions. My role is to listen to my voice and let it lead me.

Many challenges are created by forcing logic into a decision at the inappropriate time. I choose to listen to my instincts and act accordingly. My heart is my guide.

My intuition is always in sync with my values and my true self. It always steers me in a positive direction. I refrain from trying to overrule my instincts. My stray thoughts are just noise that fails to serve my greatest good.

I can see past the distractions and mirages that cloud my thinking. Sometimes it is hard, but I do what is necessary to see the truth in the situation. I follow my heart and see where it leads me.

My instincts are a gift from a higher power. I choose to listen to my gift and to utilize it fully.

Though others may try to affect my decisions, I am free from their influence. I act based on my own decisions. I am wise and make wise decisions.

Today, I allow my instincts to guide me to wise decisions. I am free of the effects of stray thoughts and the influence of others. I make excellent decisions quickly and easily.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. When have I made the wrong decision by ignoring my instincts?
  2. When do I make the best decisions?
  3. Do I allow others to change my mind too easily?