My Self Belief Overshadows The Doubts Of Others

Even when I am surrounded by naysayers, I maintain the belief that even the improbable is very possible. My self-belief keeps me confident and persevering even on difficult journeys.
I avoid giving up during difficulties. I believe in my abilities. I know I have enough willpower to keep pushing through.

Whenever emotional heartache is poised to break my spirit, I rescue it in the nick of time. I ignore the noise around me and remind myself that my mind is in control. My mental fortitude blocks out external negativity and turns my focus on my strengths.

Leaving my family to start a life in another country is intimidating yet exciting. I calm the doubts of my family members who worry about my leap into the unknown.

I live for the uncertainties of life. They bring me the energy and passion to conquer new things. That energy overshadows the negative energy that tries to discourage me. The only voice I listen to is the one that tells me I am good enough.

Even when I get nervous about a new challenge, I avoid feeling concerned about my ability to overcome. I know I have what it takes to succeed.

Today, I am my biggest advocate. My self-belief is contagious and convinces others that I am capable of greatness. The doubts of others are hardly enough to challenge my conviction and self-confidence.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What steps do I take to relax and refocus when I realize that I am nervous?
  2. How do I respectfully turn away those who doubt me?
  3. How do I know when a challenge is truly too difficult for me?