My Self Esteem Comes From Acknowledging Every Achievement

I acknowledge every one of my accomplishments. I believe everything I achieve is worth recognition. It makes me feel happy and proud when I recognize my successes.
Reminding myself of my accomplishments helps to build my self-esteem. On days when I feel dissatisfied with myself, I take a step back and consider all the positive things I have done in my life.

When I take that approach, I am pleasantly surprised, even by my minor triumphs. Small victories propel me to keep going after more.

I gain self-confidence when I see what I can do. I am my biggest motivator.

I take great pride in my ability to meet deadlines. It proves that I am reliable. I know that I am valuable to others when I am reliable. My employer has great confidence in me because of my track record.

When I support my loved ones, I feel accomplished. I know that my support helps them to keep moving forward in a positive direction.

I find something to be proud of even when I achieve less than I expect. I take the time to learn from those situations. Learning builds my confidence because then I know that I can do better the next time.

Today, my self-esteem pushes me to achieve great things. I believe in myself because I acknowledge every success along the way. Seeing what I can do gives me the drive to go after more.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I handle situations where someone tries to discredit my achievement?
  2. Am I always honest with myself regarding achievements?
  3. How important is the support of family and friends to my self-esteem?