My values determine my choices and shape my destiny.

Values are the most important resource that I possess. It is fortunate that they are within my control. They get me through hard times, make me aware of my blessings, and inform my decisions. They create order in my world.
It is important to take care of my values. They need nourishment and exercise just like my body and mind.

I observe my thoughts and catch myself quickly when I veer off track. I show compassion for another driver instead of getting irritated with them for cutting me off.

I evaluate my actions and consider their impact, assessing the consequences of what I do today. I decide to call my parents instead of watching TV because it makes them happy and strengthens our relationship.

I celebrate my accomplishments, whether large or small. To reinforce my good habits, I give myself praise and rewards. I buy myself a pineapple when I complete a tough workout or treat my family to dinner and a movie when I get a raise at work.

I develop the willingness to change my ways. I adjust my values or do a better job of living up to my beliefs. I seek feedback from others and follow through on my resolutions.

Today I reflect on my values and how they guide me. I know that my future is as bright as the values I cultivate.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are my 3 primary values?
  2. How would I describe my ideal destiny?
  3. What values do I need to reach the destiny that I want for myself?