Show the Real You: 10 Easy Ways to Reveal Your True Personality

In the last lesson, did you find it challenging when you tried out living authentically? If so, you’ll be glad to learn the strategies in this lesson that help you reveal your true personality to the world.
It’s possible to enhance your personality and your ability to share it more authentically with others. You’ll form stronger and more meaningful relationships if you’re able to be yourself. Maybe you’ve been too reserved in the past to let others see the real you. You can change that by taking the bull by the horns.

Show the world who you really are:

  1. Improve your conversational skills. You can’t reveal your true personality if you don’t communicate effectively. Conversational skills are important to have and influence multiple areas of your life. You also build your personality by conversing with others. You can’t know everything, so learning from others is one way to grow and become more interesting.
    • Poor communication skills result in being misunderstood. Your personality will be misunderstood, too.
  2. Share your opinion. Have you ever spoken to someone that didn’t have an opinion? It’s boring. Many of us keep our opinions to ourselves in an effort not to offend, but it has a negative effect. Interesting people have opinions. Be brave enough to share yours.
    • Make a pact with yourself to always have an opinion. When you’re asked about your movie or dinner preference, give an answer other than, “I don’t care” or “I don’t know”.
  3. Be positive. A negative outlook brings out the worst in all of us. Put your best foot forward by being upbeat. Being around others that complain and see the dark side of life is tiresome. Be uplifting and allow your real personality to shine.
  4. Be yourself. Just like your mom said. Pretending to be someone you’re not is dishonest. It’s also hard on your self-esteem. Embrace the parts of you that are unique and share them with others. Some people will like you while others do not. That’s true regardless of your personality.
  5. Engage in your interests. Make the time to pursue the activities that appeal to you. Go mountain climbing, learn to play the banjo, or volunteer with the homeless. When you’re living your life to the fullest, people can see you at your best. You’ll enjoy life much more, too.
  6. Become a better listener. Listening has several benefits. It will lower your anxiety, make the other person feel important, and create a connection.
    • The better the connection, the more likely you’ll be to show your true colors. You learn much more while you’re listening.
  7. Increase your social circle. Expose yourself to new opinions and cultures. Meet new people and watch your personality blossom. You’ll become stagnant by hanging out with the same people all of the time.
  8. Be respectful. You’re a respectful person and have integrity, even if you haven’t been showing it lately. You deserve the same from others. Show people the best you have to offer and you’ll inspire others to follow suit.
  9. Relax. If you’re not relaxed, you’re protecting yourself. If you’re protecting yourself, you’re not being your true self. Be more carefree. See the humorous side of life. You true personality is revealed when you’re happy and light.
  10. Read. Develop greater knowledge about the world and the things that matter to you. Become an expert on the topics that fascinate you. Your personality will grow and reveal itself more completely.

Do your friends and family know the real you? Does it take new acquaintances a long time to know you well? Let the world see your true personality. Build your personality and share it with others. Your relationships and self-esteem will improve. You’ll also experience a sense of peace. There’s no reason to keep yourself a secret!

In the next lesson, you’ll explore another area that may be challenging you in trying to live authentically: expressing your true feelings.

Here’s what you need to do today:

Share your opinion. For the rest of this week, have an opinion about anything that is asked about. Avoid statements such as, “I don’t know,” or “I don’t care.” Let others start getting used to hearing a real opinion from you.

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